Here at the Garden Gate we believe in the power of prayer, please join us as we pray for our Garden Gate Friends in need:


Lin- Cancer
Fowler/Gensicke- Comfort
Kate- Hogkins Lymphoma
Cheryl- Brain Cancer
Jason- Healing
Donna- Cancer
Bell- Strength
Adelle- Healing
Kaylee & Don- Healing
Dawn- Cancer
Erika- Comfort
Laurel- Healing
Stacey- Cancer
Ty- Healing
Bill- Cancer
Mark- Healing
Daniel- Healing
Addison- Healing
Pastor Henderson- Cancer
Cindy- Healing
Danielle- Strength
Mike & Peggy- Strength
A.J.- Surgery
Raul- Healing
Gerald- Cancer
Maria Roman- Healing
Kim- Strength
Joanne- Strength
Larry- Prostate Cancer