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Here at the Garden Gate we believe in the power of prayer. Please join us as we pray for our Garden Gate Friends in need:

Ballas Family-- Loss of young son


Cindy Rex-Relief


Damon-Rest in Peace

V go-Letting

Catherine-Healing from cancer

Karen & Nick-Relationship




Madi-Loss in the family


Wise Family- loss in the family

D - continued healing

Amber - continued healing

Cottone Family- loss

Bonnie - loss of husband

Hunter - family

Mike Pearson- brain cancer

Sherry Sorrell- breast cancer

Karin L- family issues

Zeph - strength and healing

Brescini Family- bladder cancer

Forsyth Family- comfor for death in family

Dennis - prayers for passed away

Ralph - peace and comfort for family

Callaway Family- prayers for comfort

pamela - recovery

Silvia and Family- lost husband

Yvonne - healing

Enrico Mattarollo- rest in peace, prayers for his family

Connie - bladder cancer surgery

Mike - brain tumor

Cheree- surgery

Kim & Alan- blessed wedding

Brian P - passed away

Charice- Stage 4 breast cancer